My old school is back....but its a piece.
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Thread: My old school is back....but its a piece.

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    My old school is back....but its a piece.

    just got my old school fixed and insured after it was in a nasty accident 2 months ago. It's a piece though as various things don't work, theres no steering stops, theres some nasty vibrations goin on, but it still pulls strong and it stops....sometimes, and it turns so its all good. Its covered in black and white camo cause i couldn't afford paint. Anyways a big thanks to dblbarreldarryl and 2wheelbandit cause without those guys my bike would still be laying on the s2s. See yall out there. Peace.
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    Cringe..FFS Pete, get rid of the camo. The last thing you want is to make it even more difficult for the cagers to see you!!
    A couple of bright Yellow spraybombs should do it.
    Hmmm, Dayglo Orange, even better.
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    Lets see some pics of the camo body work

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