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    Racing grease....

    I am currently using mineral grease on the axle rods and elsewhere on the bike.

    I am sure synthetic grease further reduces friction, is this what pro racers use ? or is there something more exotic ?

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    Try RedLine assembly lube ... it's good stuff.

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    Did you not notice there wasn't any grease (or very little) on the axle the first time you pulled it out?

    If your wheel bearings are turning on the axle you've got serious problems. The "inner" race of your wheel bearings should be the only thing in contact with the axle, and it should not be turning at all. Any grease there is only to act as an anti-corrosive agent. The bearings are sealed and can not be greased.

    This is assuming you have a modern sport bike.
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    Re: ????

    Originally posted by rob270
    .... Any grease there is only to act as an anti-corrosive agent.....
    Exactly, in fact when you tighten the axle into place before tightening the pinch bolts the spacers all clamp down against the inner races to lock them into place and prevent them moving in any way. The grease is only for rust prevention that would lock all the bushings tight otherwise.

    DO NOT try to put new or fresh grease into the sealed bearings. You'll ruin the seals.
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