what drives you?
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Thread: what drives you?

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    what drives you?

    im just taking a little break from studying.. kinda rambling i guess, but anyways..

    so im curious what is most important to everyone.. what do you guys charish, love to do.. dream of becoming.. or something along those lines

    myself, im pretty quiet and reserved.. only talk when spoken to, kinda way i guess.. always been a thinker, wondering this and that.

    being 18, fresh outa high school, entering first year engineering, working a part time job, part time with the military.. i've seen alot of people, alot of things.. some good, some bad..

    i dunno what it is, but i see things alot differently than say my friends.. why so many of them go out and by "designer clothing".. spend $40 on a shirt.. $100 on a pair of jeans... than theres me, i dont really care what i wear as long as its clean and not expensive.. i dont sleep in till noon, i dont drink my face off every chance i get.. i dont try and "hook up" with every girl i see. i dont try and impress others

    for me, personally.. id have to say my health and fitness is one of the most important things to me.. i try and eat as healthy as i can.. most of the time, i try and workout at the gym and run as often as i can.. heck, i usually get up at 6:45 and run 25-30min every morning before class.. next id have to say my future.. i want to become sucessful, i want a job i like, but pays very well.. so i can enjoy life more easily without having to worry about money

    than theres my parents.. i dont think they really understand me at all.. they know me, but than again they dont... if that makes any sence.. and all that can put a hinder on things

    so yeah, i got some homework i gotta finish

    take care
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    For better or for worse I'm driven to the level of my surroundings, I'll do just enough to get by *maybe* if the scene is low ebb. OTOH I'm very focussed and motivated if I like where I'm at.

    Financial success is important to me, anyone who tells you that money isn't important didn't grow up with nothing, literally starving in slums like I did. However material wealth takes a distant second to my sense of honor and self respect, nothing will make compromise there.

    I respect a person's character and life experience more than anything, people who're shallow or who've lived a sheltered life are a waste of my time.

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    It's only the 2nd week of school and your rambling already !?!?

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