Ride home in the traffic :(
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Thread: Ride home in the traffic :(

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    its got 2 wheels

    Ride home in the traffic :(

    So today was a great day to take my bike up to the university. THe past couple days were shitty and I didnt have a chance, It felt great to go on a long ride, there was not too much traffic going into town and the normal amount in town was fun to weave though. Anyways after classes we went to the gym and played squash. I had to go to downtown Victoria to get some stuff. I ended up leaving vic at about 5pm. HOLY SHIT, ok so the bike was getting hot before like 100*C+ but shit man it was at like 105 and stuff. Anyways I couldnt take it there was traffic everywhere, I usually never ride in traffic cause I just ride for fun not to comute unless its a nice day. Anyways I was getting fed up I took side streets which just got congested at the end with all the cagers trying to get back onto the main streets. At one point I couldnt give a shit, it was so hot and I had been driving though the center lane a little bit at times mainly when it was a red light I would move to the front, but by this point i didnt care, any time there was a stop I would just drive in.

    I thought WTF Im on a bike and ill do what ever i fucking want (probally not the best way to think, but it was hot and i wanted to get home) anyways after diving up beside cars all over I finally made it to the highway and it was good times.

    I dont know how you ppl do it in van or anywhere with rush hour traffic. The only thing that kinda kept me calm was I had my MP3 player on and the tunes pumping otherwise I would have gone ape shit.

    Well I hope everyone enjoyed there season, my insurance runs out soon until it get sunny again so Im going to try and ride as much as I can before im fulltime CAGER.


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    yeh i know what ya mean. this winter i think i'm gonna install a rocket launcher on the bike, fukin' carz!

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    Yeap! On my way back from school I always seem to hit rush hour traffic.

    Bascially I tried a bunch of things, riding side streets (worked today), riding in the bicycle lane...

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    I've done the bicycle lane on the right before. The 2 motorcycle cops didn't seem to appreciate the fact that the symbol painted on the road had only two wheels and so did I. I wasn't flying down it only goin bout 20-30 and traffic was stopped. Oh well.

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    Rush hour? There is no rush hour when your on your bike.
    What was it all about?

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    I went to UVic in the 80s, then moved to Vancouver.
    Then I worked in San Francisco for 3 years. It is a walk in the park driving in Canada.

    Try driving down in SF! They have something like 20+ lanes merging 8 on Bay Bridge 5am in the morning and it is so packed nothing moves. It is sick if you have to commmute everyday there. In the old dot com days(2 year ago), everyone rushed to SF Bay area and many people drive 2 hours each way to work and I've been told LA is just as bad.

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