sundat sept. 14
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Thread: sundat sept. 14

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    sundat sept. 14

    we have been hittin this spot for the last 3 sundays now and its pretty pimp

    tomorrow the 14th me and few boys are thinkin of headin down for some hooligan action, around 2ish or so, so if any one wants to join, let me know
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    Guys don't post locations, post up and pm each other . If I see this again there's no way I'll take anyone to JB's secret spots.Cops do watch this.

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    expect the cops and too many people to show up now that u posted that u idiot. y do u think that we PM locations?
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    did he post the location of the spot..what a .....we dont have too many we need to keep them on the hush.....i dont even tell ppl bout the spots..cuz most of them are asswipes and fuck shit up ......
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