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    used motor

    hey! anyone know how much it is for a 1994 kawi zx-6 motor? ballpark figure cuz i know it depends on the mileage of the motor...and would it be easy to get my hands on one? i'm guessing burnaby kawi is the best people to deal with to get one?

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    If I had one and, it was a runner, I'd probably take between 600-1000 dollars for it, depending on mileage and condition. Wow, that's big ballpark but, it depends on alot of things. Of course, rebuilding an existing engine will sink $3000 easily.


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    I've heard good things about BK but I have to caution you on shopping at only one place for something such as a motor. It's a big purchase but shipping is fairly cheap if you get a shop that is fair with the shipping price. Look around A LOT for the best motor for the best price. I've been quoted from $500 all the way up to $3000 for a complete motor with everything included. The higher end is a little too high. Funny thing is all the $750ish ninjas in the last month. Could have scored the whole bike.

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    shitty, im guessing your talking about that bike in the classified, i was rather interested.
    Where else could i find a wrecked 88-95 bike, kawa or honda or suzuki, for like 500 bux that I can rebuild over the winter?

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