here's the scoop.

Sen fiddy's Katana finally gave up the ghost....long story, lots of chuckles involved, heavy federal ticketing issued, but that's neither here nor there.

what he's after is a cheap, good running 750 engine.
right now it's got a gsx-r 750 motor in it. it's a 92 kat, with this 86 gixxer motor in it.

I'm almost certain that he's not goin to bother with putting a kat engine in it. it'll be the gixxer motor again.

For those of you familiar with the changes , if 85-88 say are the same motors for bolt up, etc....and you've got a cheap, good runner for sale then let me know.

if ya got...or will have(by spring), or any information that might help in this situation- pm me.

tia- over