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    Icbc Claim

    Hey guys,
    I recently laid my bike down around a slow corner
    What's your experience with ICBC and who's at fault for debris/gravel on the road. An ICBC lady told me that there's no instance where a single vehicle accident is not the drivers fault. I'm not expecting to get out of this one, just curious.

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    That was my experience when I was 16. I took the parents truck off the road instead of hitting some deer frozen in the lights. ICBC said the only not to blame me 100% was to show them some blood, fur or other deer bits on the truck (nice). As for debris on the road, it's a catch 22. If you stayed in control you were driving within your limits for the conditions present. If you didn't stay in control then you weren't -- although I've heard some people argue with ICBC (with some success) about oil or other debris left after accidents or by road crews.

    Best of luck.
    My blood hurts.

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    You'll need whoever put the gravel there to accept it was
    their fault. I've heard on this site that some muni districts
    keep a contingency fund to cover their roadwork and avoid
    lawsuits for this sort of circumstance if it's them leaving
    gravel on the roads.

    Otherwise, you'll have to take the rap.

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    SOL. If injuries were part of the stakes then it might be worth going after the party that left gravel on the road but just for the bike it's not worth what you'd get even if you won. You need collision insurance to cover something like this. I know what it's like that want to blame someone else for a wipeout but dropping the bike from gravel on the road is your own fault. Seriously ask yourself if you would have ridden the way that you were on a road test.

    We all ride sportbikes because they're fun, that just comes at a cost when the fun goes wrong. There's no way that ICBC will give you anything unless they can put someone else on the hook for it. I wish you luck in fixing your bike, I've been there too, but the tab will be on you this time.

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    I wish.
    100% your fault. I tried and tried. When I crashed my R6, there wasn't much that was 'really' my fault, as their was gravel on the road and i was taking the corner below posted speeds (aprox. 40km/h). Bike washed out and went into the ditch. So unless I can prove that there are people maliciously dropping gravel and try and proscecute them for it - I was out of luck.

    Good luck anyways.
    BCSB- Administrator

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    as i said before, i wasn't expecting to get out of this one in any way. Just curious, that's all.

    thanks for your help!

    Now it's just a matter of if I should claim it or not.
    Hmmm... Streetfighter might be an option.....

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    if there was debris on the road, you can always file a claim with the city. Chances are they will give you some bullshit. I made a claim with the city and they wrote back after a few months to tell me the street I crashed on was cleaned the night before. I even had pictures of the site after the crash which proves there was debris on the road.
    I'm sure i could persue it further but, it's probably a waste of time.

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    I've heard rumors (on this board I think) that the city has a certain budget for paying out repairs etc related to bad road conditions... apparently it's cheaper than fixing all the road problems all the time.

    Anyways, it's probably worth checking out.

    My wonderful ICBC experience... I was cut off and hit the brakes too hard in the rain. Locked the front and slid down the road. The guy took off and no one got the plate... so it's all on me.

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    My what?
    Your insurance will go up by 30% and you will only get back 5% discount a year. Consider this before making a claim. It may be cheaper in the long run to fix the bike on your credit card and pay it off at 20% interest. My 2 cents
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

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    three years after you make a claim (if you make no other claims) your discount goes back to what you had before the claim. ie my discount is now 35%, 5% after claim and in 2006 to 35% again. good point though, robert. I think I'm just gonna fork out the money over the winter. It's supposed to be a $5- 6g bill, but there's a lot of stuff they have on the repair that I could live without fixing or repairing. (minor scuff on muffler and pipe) THanks again guys.

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