My 84 year old Grandfather shared this one with me the other day...

A Gypsy is travelling through Scottish farm country when he happens upon a farmhouse. The Gypsy asks to spend the night to which the farmer agrees. After the farmer serves the weary traveler a hot meal the gypsy tells the farmer he would like to repay him with a " special " service. The farmer tells the Gypsy it's really no trouble but the gypsy says he can speak to the farmers animals. The farmer is struck by this and again tells the gypsy it's not nescessary. The Gypsy insists and makes his way out to the farmers barn. After a while the Gypsy returns and tells the farmer he has spoken to some of his animals.
The farmer thinks to himself " what a nutter."
The Gypsy explains most agree that you are a good and kind farmer but the horses tell me you have changed to a new bit, and that it is too hard and cuts their lips.
The farmer thinks to himself Jesus! I have changed to a new bit, but this must be just a guess.
The Gypsy then tells the farmer he has spoken to his cows and that they dislike the milking machine the farmer uses and it rough on their teets.
The farmer thinks to himself that he has noticed some dicomfort with the cows during milking and maybe this gypsy is telling the truth.
The Gypsy gets a concerned look on his face and tells the farmer that he has also spoken to his sheep- At this the farmer interups the Gypsy and exclaims...