Be careful whom you let in your house!
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Thread: Be careful whom you let in your house!

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?

    Be careful whom you let in your house!

    PUBLICATION: National Post
    DATE: 2003.09.09
    EDITION: National
    SECTION: Canada
    PAGE: A4
    BYLINE: Tom Blackwell
    SOURCE: National Post

    Fake cops arrested as they seize pot plants: Disguises so convincing, real
    OPP officers initially confused

    A band of resourceful thieves who masqueraded as police officers to rob a
    huge marijuana grow operation on Sunday found themselves in a tense standoff
    when they were met by a team of real police in the throes of raiding the
    same outfit.

    Their disguises were so convincing -- SWAT team windbreakers, imitation
    badges, pistols and even collapsible batons -- the bona fide investigators
    were not sure at first if the thieves were legitimate or not.

    When the Ontario Provincial Police team finally went in for the arrest, the
    armed bandits in blue resisted.

    "They were seconds from a gun fight," said Vaughn Collins, an OPP deputy

    But the impersonators eventually gave up.

    Police pointed to the sophisticated robbery attempt at the central Ontario
    farm as evidence of the increasing dangers spawned by an "epidemic" of
    marijuana grow operations in Canada, many of them run by bikers and other
    organized criminals.

    "I haven't seen anything like this before," said Constable Ted Schendera, an
    OPP spokesman.

    "It's obvious there was a lot of planning ... going to the extremes that
    they did to obtain the police replica items and to make themselves look like

    Police estimate there are as many as 50,000 indoor and outdoor marijuana
    grow operations across Canada, producing plants with a street value in the
    billions of dollars.

    Ten members of the OPP's drug enforcement section arrived at a farm north of
    the town of Coboconk in the Kawartha Lakes district on Sunday, eventually
    discovering 18,000 plants there -- worth an estimated $18-million on the

    Before they could raid the operation, six men showed up wearing police
    tactical-team gear, including windbreakers clearly marked with the word
    "Police," handguns and a high-powered rifle. At least one of the intruders
    had on a bullet-proof vest.

    The OPP team waited in hiding for a few moments, trying to figure out if the
    new arrivals were fellow police officers or not, said Const. Schendera. When
    the fake officers began cutting down plants and packing them away, the
    police had their answer and moved in for the takedown.

    "There was a bit of a confrontation, more verbal than anything," Const.
    Schendera said.

    Deputy commissioner Collins said police are so overwhelmed trying to combat
    thousands of marijuana operations, it is the only kind of drug enforcement
    they are doing now.

    Charged with drug, weapons and impersonation of police charges are Gordon
    Churchill, 50, and his sons Jody, 26, and Nick, 29, all of Port Perry; Shane
    Prince, 30, of Oshawa; Garfield Lefort, 27, of Port Perry; and Philip
    Weddel, 28, of Uxbridge.

    At a bail hearing yesterday, all were ordered to remain in custody until a
    court appearance tomorrow.
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    wow, crazy stuff.... and to think, a father and his sons involved too... wow.
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    Now that is messed up.

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    Guess the fake cops couldn't get off by saying "Trick or Treat" yet.

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    What happened to 18,000 plants ??
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    Re: Be careful whom you let in your house!

    Deputy commissioner Collins said police are so overwhelmed trying to combat thousands of marijuana operations, it is the only kind of drug enforcement they are doing now.
    Your tax dollars at work.. This is ridiculous. I don't smoke pot, but it's for reasons like this that I support legalization.

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    Proof of Murphy's Law! Friggin hillarious!!
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    Gotta hand it to them it was a good idea!!

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