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    1977 Yamaha Rd400

    Great bike for commuting or license friendly blasts up the S2S.

    - 398cc = cheap insurance (for me, with 46% discount ~ $30/month)
    - recently professionaly painted in Yamaha 'Electric Blue'
    - very easy, first time kick-start
    - electronic ignition
    - no premix, 2 stroke oil kept in separate tank - lasts over 600km/tank ($12 for 2 litres)
    - sounds great - cagers will hear you coming and get out of your way, but not obnoxious when revs are low
    - in 1977 this was the gixxer of it's day - ride some history!
    - brakes, transmission, engine, electronics etc all work perfectly
    - decent torque for a 2 stroke
    - 2 stroke smoke and smell not noticeable (i never had anyone say anything about me smelling of 2 stroke)
    - good tires
    - recent top-end rebuild
    - new chain
    - great handling - light and easily flickable
    - can be viewed in Kits (12th & Arbutus) or VGH
    - owning a stroker should be part of every bikers education!

    $1600 obo

    I often find it difficult to access the BCSP forums from home, so please email me at: icene_web@yahoo.ca

    You will find that unlike your shiny R1 etc the amount of attention you get on this bike is quite gratifying. On a recent visit to a large motorcycle dealership, the staff (surrounded by mega sport and cruiser bikes) pointed at the RD and agreed it was 'way cool'. No fairing means that cops on the most part leave you alone.
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