tracks and distances from us
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Thread: tracks and distances from us

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    tracks and distances from us

    so for those of you that have raced, do you know where I could find info on the different track days I can attend, the location and approximate driving time from vancouver? I'm thinking of turning my r6 into a mean little track machine Now I just have to find out how to get to the tracks



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    Mission- 1 hour
    Seattle- 3 hours (actually Kent which is south of Seattle
    Portland- 6 hours
    Spokane- 8? hours (realistically 10 with some rest/food stops.

    Merrit- 8 months to never................

    Calgary has a track and events too but it's a long way.

    Oh, almost forgot Victoria. Not sure of it's status these days but I raced a sedan there back in the 70's. It was tight and had crappy runoff areas though. One part of the track is actually through the parking area. So any cars on the inside of the track can't leave during a session.
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    Arrow Victoria?

    A decent SuperMotard track is all that is available right now.

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    Re: tracks and distances from us

    Originally posted by arai
    I'm thinking of turning my r6 into a mean little track machine

    you mean like mine

    if you need info on track days i will do some research and post the info soon but until then here are the days that we are doing

    these are the dates that tchan is going to and a couple

    Apr 12 PacificRaceway (formerly: SIR) Licensed Racers ONLY for this date!!
    May 3 Pacific Raceway (SIR)
    May 19-20 Spokane Raceway
    Jun 21 Pacific Raceway
    Jun 28-29 Spokane Raceway
    Jul 19 Pacific Raceway
    Aug 9 Pacific Raceway
    Sept 27 Pacific Raceway
    Oct 11 Pacific Raceway

    check out the PIR website for their track days and contact info
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