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    Close Calls

    Now that the weather has changed I've had a few close calls and was wondering if the rest seem to be equally affected by this phenomenon we know as "WTF just happened?"

    Personally I was on a double highway on-ramp that merges into one at southpoint on the outside. The light changed I began to ride around the corner when I started to accelerate to get infront of a van on my inside to merge onto the highway. Mid corner the van begins to accelerate so I roll on a bit when I hit a bit of oil or grease seeping out of the road, the cold rear breaks loose and slams violently to the left then right. I stayed steady on the throttle and rode it out with a fresh brown stain in my pants. Thank god no highside. (Guess the rain helped keep the tire from suddenly catching)

    On my return trip I'm sitting at a two way stop waiting to get a clear spot, one appears and a woman in a van comes hurtling towards the intersection.. I wait. She slams on the brakes and sits at the stop line for 10 seconds. A new space opens and I decide to go as she's showing no signs of moving, then suddenly she hits the gas and almost merges into me (I had to swerve HARD).

    Is it just me or is the weather playing havoc with road users?
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    this can be best described as the WET coast syndrome

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