Question about turn signals on my cbr 600
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Thread: Question about turn signals on my cbr 600

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    Question about turn signals on my cbr 600

    This is going to sound like a stupid question. I noticed today that the rear turn signals on my bike aren't on constantly like the front ones. My front lights act like running lights and flash brighter for turn signals. The rears are off until I turn on the turn signals as which time they flash. This seems wrong to me but I can't seem to locate any info on what proper function of these lights are. If this is wrong my first stop will be the fuse box. Does this sound like something that could be caused by a fuse? I would think nothing would work. The bike is a 2003 CBR 600F4i with 3700 km. No accidents or anything like that.

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    I am guessing that that is the way they are supposed to be, for this market (Canada). Transport Canada have strict rules about light placement etc, hence some bikes lose smooth integrated lights and have sticky out ones fitted instead (ZX11 and older ZX6). In your case, i reckon the rears only conform to specs as turn signals.

    Then again, i could be talking a load of shit (it is nearly 1am here ya know).

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    your fronts are running lights.the rear are only turn is normal.

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    Thanks guys.

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