Need Info on a Kawasaki zx-6
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Thread: Need Info on a Kawasaki zx-6

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    Need Info on a Kawasaki zx-6

    Hey how you all doing? I am looking for some reviews on a 2001 Kawasaki ZX-6. I don't know much about it but can anyone let me know how it compares to other bikes out there I know its not fuel injected but other then that anything else I should know about the bike!

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    This will probably help you out...

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    Are you looking at a ZX-6R, or a ZX-6E?

    I've had both...they're both great at what they do.

    The ZX-6E was a very comfortable, stable, fast, sport-touring bike. I had a 1993 model, but that bike has been unchanged since then.

    The ZX-6R has been great to me...I had a 2001 and have a 2002 model (which is for sale right now!).

    I use it for commuting everyday, back and forth to school and work.

    I use it for sport-touring, went down to LA & Vegas in the Spring. It's the best compromise between long-haul comfort and backroads handling.

    I use it for trackdays as well. It's not the best R6 or GSX-R would be better. But if you plan on using your bike for other stuff (not just trackdays or racing) then I think the ZX-6R is probably the best 600 out there.

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    I used to own a brand new blue 2001 ZX6R, did more than 15,000 kms in less than 3 months before it got burnt down in a garage fire caused by my dad's old Ford. Currently I have a green 2001 ZX6R, sitting at 38,000 kms. Done several track days and race days. Been down twice in racing and twice on the road.

    Holds up very well to damage, hardly anything. I love the bike, do most of the work on the bike and only recently started changing the oem brake pads, etc... still stock chain and sprockets.

    The bike is good, the bike is powerful, easily do 280, and is very stable, very neutral steering, some minor suspension adjustments and the bike's steering geometry will change from a relaxing street ride to a menacing track bike...

    Never suffered a headshake or any crap like that, the ZX6R and a steering dampner don't go together.

    The suspension is good, with a wide range of tuning possiblities, and I believe the only 600 with a Ride height adjustment and it takes less than 2 minutes to do it.

    The brakes are good, the motor is solid, I love the bike and I doubt I will ever sell it.

    The motor, is extremely reliable, stong and powerful. Yes it's carburated, if you have the cash get an Ivan's jet kit, and a full hindle. if you plan on taking it to the track, the first mod. I would recommend is adjustable foot rests from PnG or Harris UK. I have the Harris ones, they look good and the workmanship is excellent, very nice finished product.

    It won the Supersport bike shootout in 2000 when it was released by some 10 or so magazines.

    And it has won the following championships:

    2000 Canadian Supersport Champion
    2001 AMA 600 supersport Champion
    2001 World Supersport Champion
    2001 USA drag racing Champion

    there has never been a recall on the bike and it's just an amazing bike all over.

    I used to work the night shifts on the weekend, 11pm to 7am. After work I would ride home, shower, eat some breakfast and do the loop, the big one, come home around 8pm, eat dinner sleep and go to work in the morning. neversuffered any back pain or wrist pain or anything. Bike *touchwood* has never given me any trobule anywhere, just fll gas and go.

    The clutch is definitely the smoothest clutch I have ever ridden, I do use Kawasaki S4 fully synthetic. I have ridden other bikes, and compared to say a suzuki which I found to be really notchy the Kawi clutch is like taking a knife thru melted butter....

    If you want any further information PM me...and i hope youknow that if you want a ZX6R or any Kawi. there is only one place to go Burnaby Kawasaki speak to Trevor @ 604-525-9393. They are the people, fantastic, good service good sales I can't praise them enough and yes they do help me out in my racing ! and Yes, my blood does run Green

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    Human and Harps said it. (I like you guys! :-) )

    I have an '02 ZX-6R.

    I'ts stock and I love it. It's handling is razor sharp and the slightly wider clip ons (wider than some others) make turning in effortless. The brakes are excellent. Trailbraking and one finger modulation ( corrections ha ha) through corners is easy and confidence inspriring.

    For the most part, people rarely have mechanical problems with this bike. I don't think thre are any 'known' problems with the bike - at least not that I've ever heard of. I'd say you'll find most ZX-6R owners are very satisfied with ther purchase.

    Good Luck.
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    Can't go wrong. Factor in price for carburated versions, and you're getting more bike per buck than any other 600.

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