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    I wish.

    Thumbs up Excellent riding weekend

    Well, I don't think we could have asked for a better weekend. It was gorgeous.

    I ended up having to work the majority of Sunday and only got a few hours of riding done in the morning - but it was great. Went up to Harrison Hot Springs with Xyban for a quick morning jaunt. Perhaps a little too quick at some points (or so the officer told us).

    Saturday was less than eventful and consisted of shopping. Oh joy. ack!

    Friday evening Cosworth & Doug (and a whole bunch of others) took us to Joey Tomatoes in Coquitlam. If you haven't been. Go. Pretty simple. Awesome restaurant, from the service, to the servers.

    Wasn't the weekend I was aiming for - I'm sure someone must have a better story.

    Perhaps a '3rd degree seperation of the shoulder' type story?
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    Re: Excellent riding weekend

    Originally posted by adamantium
    Well, I don't think we could have asked for a better weekend. It was gorgeous.
    It was a good weekend. Picked up the new bike put some miles on her, and was very happy. the micron sounds great. Was downtown Friday night at there must have been close to 50 bikes at starbucks all different types, some yammy's, a cool RC51, some cruisers, I have never seen it that busy down there.

    Saturday I installed the paging alarm systems on the bikes and they are awesome. With the prox sensor if you stick your head over my bike to look at the gauges WHAM the alarm goes off. I get paged, run out shot first ask questions later. :-)

    Anyway I would recommend them to anyone in an apartment and if you want to test the range let me know. So far I can a page from 3/4 of a MILE from my house, and 4 stories up (haven't tested it any higher) from a cement underground parking.

    Sunday Mothers Day, little riding.

    Today rain, but still riding Motorcycle Monday tonight, hope it clears up a bit.

    That is my weekend story. Not much better than yours Adam.
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    This weekend was AWSOME,.. weather was just perfect, out here in the Fraser Valley it hit 27degrees,.. which was SOOO what i needed.. got in pleanty of riding,.. got to meet a bunch of new guys on their rides,.. (and of course pointed them to here ) good stuff all around.. can't wait for the next warm and sunny spell!

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    Yes, the weather was really nice. But too bad I had to work!!! Sat and Sun!! 9:30am-5:30pm!! missed out on all of the group ride that happened on those 2 days . Oh well with the insane amount of money I gotta pay every month for my insurance ($330.00) I gotta work hard to keep my bike on the road. Plus I wanna save some money and get new gear for myself... ack.. Riding motorcycle is a very costly thing to do, but I LOVE IT!!
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    It was definatly a great weekend, for riding the bike and the horse I rode!

    It's the first time I actually felt the heat inside my helmet.


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    Friday night: posing at Starbucks

    Saturday: 14 hours of Fraser Valley backroads

    Sunday: Mellow ride to Squamish

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    Wicked Weekend

    Friday after work, picked up the new '02 R1. Felt a little odd at first, quite different from my 2001, but I learned the next day, a much better bike.

    Friday night went for a little cruise and then headed to Starbucks with the sweetheart. He described it above, like 50 bikes, AMAZING. Great conversation and scenery.

    Saturday woke up for the "group chick ride" to Harrison. 7 of us headed out there... about half way my regular riding partner (other than Digi168) Michelle (R6) and I decided that the group wasn't going quite fast enough and we didn't want to waste the day, so we decided we'd meet the other 5 riders in Harrison. We headed out at quite a high rate of speed... heh, no cops on the way up there I'm glad to say. We hit that set of twisties just before Harrison behind a bunch of cars (ick!) so I invented a new hand signal to communicate to Michelle (waving arm in wide circles in the air meaning turnaround)... and we headed up the twisties (all clear) and then back down again. What a blast! By that time the other 5 girls had caught up. Had a nice lunch at Harrison and then Michelle and I headed back to the Lower Mainland (is Harrison considered Lower Mainland?) on our own. Heh, it was quite funny... heading up the twisties on the way out of Harrison I passed a cop going Waaaaaaaaaay too fast, decided to go even faster in case he decided to turn around. Speedybikegirl was just behind me so she must have thought of the same thing.

    Saturday afternoon headed out to North Van to drop Michelle off at her b/f's fireman thingy and then headed out to meet Bieu. He installed our alarms (kick ass!!) and we had my favorite dinner around 9:00 p.m. (sushi!).

    Sunday had to visit the MA, so Bieu and I rode our bikes out there (White Rock). My parents neighbour decided to check out the bikes while we were inside the house and the alarm went off, we went running outside and the guys saying, "I didn't even touch the thing!" Heh, explained to him that if you even get too close the proximity sensor will activate the alarm. That was fun.

    Monday morning - rode to work in the rain... all went okay, new bike handles quite well. Heh, oh, had a few scares on the Harrison ride, the back end kicked out around a corner (sand on the road) and then on the way into work this morning some older lady didn't know how to drive and as I was pulling into her lane behind her she decided to brake, gas, brake, gas, brake, gas... whoa, too annoying and a little scary the first couple times she did it as I was right behind her (not expecting her to slow down for no reason). Oh well, my brakes are the bomb, so no worries.

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