Coming to Canada for the first time.
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Thread: Coming to Canada for the first time.

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    Coming to Canada for the first time.

    Does anyone know the laws for bringing a bike to Canada? Say someone is coming to Canada for the first time to become a permanent resident. Are they allowed to bring any bike they wish? Any year?

    What bike would you bring?

    P.S. Bike can be from England/Germany.. or anywhere else within a few hours.

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    I beleive it would have to pass certain regulations, if the same model is for sale in Canada then I am sure there won't be a problem but if it's not allowed for sale, then you might have a problem getting it registered and getting insurance, best to seek help with Canadian customs.....
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    Yes you are allowed to bring in any bike you want as settler's effects and conveyances. Make sure you have all the paper work when you land for the first time. The only thing is that it has to be bought before you immigrate so have the documentations for that! The matter of whether it's street legal in Canada doesn't matter for the importation part, as far as CCRA is concerned, immigrants are free to bring in their personal effects. The problem would be putting it on the road legally here afterwards.
    But of course, CCRA only has a problem if you ask a new immigrant to bring you a brand new bike and say it's THEIR personal effect and then sell or give it to you afterwards (that would be considered commercial goods or gift over $60CAD). Best of luck and welcome to Canada!
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    How about a GSXR400...

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    Cool bike! Bring one for me! Shouldn"t be too much of a problem if your the registered owner (personal belonging). Has to get inspected before you can register it here, in otherwords pass a roadworthiness inspection. Let us know what happens.
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    once you have brought your bike into the country,in order to make it street legal you need to have a BC inspection completed (blue and yellow form) you have to bring that form in to your local insurance broker as they need the number in order to register it. However, upon arrival of the bike, whether at the airport, or borders, there is another form that needs to be filled out, called form 1. What you need is the registration from the previous owner/country/state it came from.

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    My new brother-in-law had to import his car into Canada when he married my sister. His car is from the States and he had to pass a provincal inspection, a federal inspection, and a dealer check for any serious crash repair. For the federal test the car had to have daytime running lights installed to meet federal standards. Not sure what the standards are for Europe but I imagine something similar as Canada still has strong ties with Europe. All these documents are required for when it is insured with Canadian insurance. This again was for his car, not a bike, and a car from the US, not a skip across the pond. But I imagine it would be similar for a bike.

    Ohh yeah Welcome to Canada. (it maybe early but it still counts)

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    just know that you have to prove ownership of minimum 6 months prior to imigrating to Canada for it to come in as settler's effects.

    and for high cost/variable cost goods, they do check.

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