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Thread: winter gear recommendations etc

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    winter gear recommendations etc

    i spent a lot of winters freezing on a crappy old bike. now i've got some more beer-tokens, and a decent bike i want to make sure i stay a bit warmer.

    needing info on where to get heated grips etc, prices and so on. anyone spotted the oxford grips that just velcro around your existing ones?

    i've had a heated vest for years, and they are invaluable especially on a longer run when no amount of clothing seems to warm you up.

    also, textile, waterproof, insulated armoured pants and jacket - any recommendations?

    please be specific with your info, ie dealer, price etc.


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    . or aerostich stuff. I wear a tourmaster 1pc suit, fully water proof, and has soft bodyarmor and cold resistant but they dont make a 1pc no more, only a 2pc.
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    I have a Cordura Hein Gericke (Now simply 'Gericke') Toareg Rallye 3/4 Jacket and Pants. Both have a waterproof rubberized insulated liner and the jacket has a double zipper and velcro front closure system ensuring no air gets though. I liked it because I fried my Joe Rocket Ballistic on a 70 kph re-entry on the elbows, and the Gericke has leather there and on the shoulders, possibly extending the life of the jacket after a fall. Plus i figure since the Germans ride year-round, they'ed have a good idea about what to wear in sh*tty weather, and still stay warm instead of miserable.
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    Yep, and German weather is a lot like Wet Coast weather.

    So it looks like textiles and heated grips are the way to go, plus i need to replace my boots and gloves. Shit, that's a lot of money!

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    I saw heated grips on a bike that were actually from a
    snowmobile. Boy were they hot !!!!
    I'm told you just have to watch out to remember to turn them
    off when your bike is off. Can easily drain your battery.
    Especially when you have a heated vest and grips.
    Stay warm and ride safe.
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    Textiles work well in the rain, but I don't know about the cold. Sure likes to keep the heat in during the summer. My JR jacket tends to leak a bit around the arms too, but that could just be sweat.

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    Joe rocket revolution jacket and pants. Kept me dry on a 2 hour ride in traffic, in pouring rain. And then I was dry for the trip back to, same condition. So it has my seal of approval. Unlike most of the joe rocket stuff, the revolution is actually water proof, not water resistant. I wear a extra layer of fleece in the morning, just to be cozy. A heated vest would almost be overkill, but then I havent riden in below zero weather yet...

    The pants are water proof, but wind kinda seeps in on the side around the knee area. The problem would probably be solve if I wore the actual inner linner that comes with the pants, but I never bothered.

    My 2 cents.
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    For what to wear underneath, go to Mountain Equipment CO-OP and ask for Thor. He is a motorcycle enthusiast and is good at recommending winter clothing for a motorcycle.

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    Aerostich and Gerbing electrics. The Gerbing factory is near
    Seattle, and they usually have great specials on heated
    gear at the Seattle Bike show. They used to sell at par
    if you'd buy then. Good customer service too, they've
    replaced one pair of gloves I wore out under warranty.

    I've got the heated, waterproof, leather gloves with a
    Heatroller. The heated grips don't help with
    the backs of your hands (where the wind hits them).

    I'm planning on an electric vest next.

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    My Gerbing electric gloves ROCK. They are so cozy. However, they are a bit bulky, and with the wires it's a mini-chore to get them on, so for the short trips I usually go without.

    I too have the Joe Rocket textile gear. I'm very happy with my revolution pants: no water has got through them at all yet. My Ballistic jacket is also very good, but not 100% waterproof. I have the longer touring jacket, since my bike is more sit-up-straight than leaned-over. But still the jacket is too long and it bunches up and allows water to pool and soak through. Next time I will look for a jacket that doesn't go so far below the waist.

    I also love my Frank Thomas Aqua-Force boots. With their wickable liner, they are a bit warm for summer riding, but they are wonderful in the fall, winter, and spring.

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    My JR Ballistic has been holding up well since I got it (March). I've been riding rain or shine since then. Only problem I've had is that the jacket is slightly big for me, so I get folds around the elbows around my waist. This proved a problem once because the water pooled in those areas and eventually seeped through. Once I felt it, I shook loose the water and it was fine after. I always check for pooling water on my jacket now. Other than that, it's fine.

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    Heated grips are great--you'd be surprised at how often you'll use them and for this reason I'd recommend something permanent vs. the heaters that velcro over existing grips. Heated grips are much less hassle than electric gloves; I have the gloves, but I've rarely used them.

    Heated grip kits are available from Dual Star:

    I believe a similar product is available from snowmobile dealers.

    Hotgrips are another option, but they are much more expensive:

    A rain suit is an excellent way to make sure that you stay dry on longer trips and it seals those small drafts that can make you feel very cold over time.
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