PICS of Sunday 21st Gold River Run
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Thread: PICS of Sunday 21st Gold River Run

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    PICS of Sunday 21st Gold River Run

    Hey guys nice to meet you all ! Great ride. Lets do this again check out my gallery for the pics of the ride

    Talk to you soon

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    Pictures turned out great if you want any pics email me At and i will send to you

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    flying busa
    Man..looks like Bog and I missed a good ride. How's the weather over there. We've got the Toy run Oct 5 but if October 12/13 looks good..we're coming over. I've got to do Gold River one more time.

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    I don't know about everyone else, but I had a blast. I was gonna put my bike away for the winter this week but I'm going to hold out for one more good weekend and hit the Gold River Hwy again..

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    Well the current forecast is hot and sunny for this weekend. I could probably be convinced to blow off work for another trip up. Last one was great.

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    flying busa
    I'd love to come for a ride this coming weekend ..unfortunately it's the Oyster Run in Anacortes if anyone is interested in coming over you're more than welcome to. Anyways...hopefully the weather will hold up. So have fun guys...I'll be dreaming of Gold River..I'm not storing my bike just yet.

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    Thumbs up Would love to do this ride!

    Hey Island Riders!

    I was going to head along the Oregon Coast the weekend of Oct. 3rd, 4th and 5th.

    But not getting any interest in that ride from any BCSB's.

    Anyways now thinking of heading up to Tofino for the day then head back and stay a couple of nights at a B&B in Qualicum Beach or Campbell RIver.

    So if any of you Island riders are out and about for a ride on Firday the 3rd or Saturday the 4th, I would love to hook-up with you guys!

    I've never been down this part of the Island and would love to explore it.


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    3rd or 4th

    Just post up closer to date and i will join in for a rip to long beach as londg as the weather is good i live in parks so day trip for me only

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    Exclamation Sounds good

    Sounds good Derek!

    I will post a message this Wednesday Oct. 1st and let you know my plans.

    I will PM you my cell phone which I will have with me during my little vacation.

    Thinking maybe Friday the 3rd to go to Tofino, Long Beach during the day.

    I could meet you at Harbour City Motorsport in Nanaimo, do you know where it is?

    It would be nice to ride up to Tofino with someone who knows the road, it will be my first time.


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    Cool My plans!

    Okay Island Riders!

    These are my plans for this weekend Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th.

    They are not set in stone, as I have not booked any hotel rooms as I am not sure where I want to stay overnight.

    But plan is to take early morning ferry Friday, from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo, drop-in to Harbour City Motorsport for a quick Hello to a friend, then off to Tofino, Long Beach.

    Maybe stay overnight in Tofino or come back and stay overnight in Courtenay.

    Next day, early Saturday take a ride to Gold River and then later ride down to Sidney to visit friends.

    Hope to see and ride with some of you guys or girls this weekend.


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