ANybody know of any Sled sites?
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Thread: ANybody know of any Sled sites?

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    ANybody know of any Sled sites?

    In the very near future i'm goin to be wanting to locate some replacement parts for the girlfriend's sled. (btw- it's a little 91 440 arctic cat prowler).

    It needs a hood...well...pretty much every fiberglass part, including new windshield and light
    make a long story short , last winter it took about 50 feet in the air and landed in a fir. so you can now see why i'm looking for these parts.

    anyone who knows of any sites. OR places where a guy can procure some good used 440/ general sled parts- please let me know.

    Lastly- if any of you have, or know someone with say....a ZRT600 right up to any 95- 00 6-800 cc sleds in good nick for a good price, let me know.

    tia guys


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    Hey man try looking in for your Cat parts...........pretty good site for sled heads, similar to this one. Might be able to help you out with sleds depending on how much you wanna spend. Got a line on a '02 Summit 800 151" right now.Sleds in good shape, I know the guy who owned it and he just did tours with cornice jumpin' or anything. Let me know if you need. Might have a Summit 600 to sell as well.......

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    I can't wait for the sledding season to start.

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