Hey, I was wondering if any of you were interested in trading your bike for my car. The bikes that I'm interested are the r6 or the cbr600. I know that a 98 corolla isn't a very unique car, but it gets you from point a to point b with no fuss and has plenty of room for those of you with families. You could even do the trade and sell the car afterwards for some decent flow. Reason I don't want to sell it myself is because I'd rather just do a straight up trade, less hassle. Anyways, enough rambling, here are the specs of the car:

98 corolla
champagne in color
base model
2 dents, nothing serious
No accidents

Overall, it's a good little car, hasn't given me any gruff. So if any of you riders turned family man on a budget needs a car, let me know. pm me if you're interested, or need any more info.