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    I need to add some coolant to my bike....its kinda low. Is there specific motorcycle coolant that I should use for my EX500?? or can I use the same stuff that I use for my car?


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    yes, you must use the extra special teflon coated coolant.

    if you need to top up, just use a bit of distilled water for now.

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    It won't need a motorcycle-specific coolant, but you want one compatible with aluminum. The owners manual might list other requirements to check for.

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    Just add water. Distilled from the super market is best.

    The anitfreeze doens't actually go away unless it's spilled but the water content slowly reduces over time thanks to evaporation from the overflow tank.
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    Depending on how old ur coolent is just add distiled water, but if ur coolent is over 2 years, u should consider changing it. After 2 years ALL coolents start to break down and start to deteriorate which will eat away ur aluminum.

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    Yup, change your coolant every 2 years max. Even if it still looks green and clear, the additives to protect from oxidation, lubrication etc breaks down, and sludge (silicates I think) tend to build up. The absolute worst for this is the newer red stuff that a few auto manufacturers are pushing - the stuff can get very corrosive. Go for any decent brand, just avoid the "long life" stuff which is of the red variety.

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