Anyone riding on 24-25 Sept?
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Thread: Anyone riding on 24-25 Sept?

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    Mariana MArkova

    Anyone riding on 24-25 Sept?


    I am Mariana Markova, a Russian visiting Vancouver.
    I am planning to go to the Island and explore it with purely touristy purposes.
    Is there anyone on the Isldan, who can show me something I'd not be able to see as an ordinary, uninformed visitor?

    I may stay until Friday if there is something special.


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    Port Alberni

    It's not called beautiful British Columbia for nothing.

    There is so much to see it would take a week or more to see it all. I'm sorry I have no holidays right now, or I would love to show you parts of the island near where I live. The view from mt. Arrowsmith show most of the centeral island from 12,000 feet. I is priceless. Not on any tourist map. But this is a teaser because you need a truck and a 2 hour hike to get up to the top. My truck is off the road and I'm stuck working. Sorry. A lot of nice roads to ride this way to Port Alberni too. Sorry I can't help
    Hope you have fun, and if you can, ride to Ucluelet/Tofino. The road is wicked and the views are awsome. Enjoy your trip

    Ride safe, Robert.

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