A TV Documentary on Motorcyclists?
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Thread: A TV Documentary on Motorcyclists?

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    A TV Documentary on Motorcyclists?

    Hi there.

    A question. Do you think that a semi social-policitcal TV documentary on motorcyclists will be of interest to the general public? I thought that such a doc would start off by dispelling the outdated 30 year old stereotypes of motorcycling, then meet some of the unique personalities in the riding community and then discuss some of the (controversial) issues surrounding motorcycling, some of which are: helmet law, speeding, treatment by police, drag racing, lane splitting....

    Would you have any comments whatsoever about what to include, what angles/slants are compelling, who would be good to feature....

    The key is to make it compelling enough for people to want to watch it.

    Thanks. Ron

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    I wish.
    I don't have time to add anything right now, but everyone, this (if made) could be a great avenue to voice your concerns and 'break the mold'.
    BCSB- Administrator

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    i definately think it would be well recieved, especially with all the hype about street racing lately. It's summer time and all the bikes are out and it would be good for everyone just to get a head's up about the everyday motorcyclist. People stereotype despite not wanting to, so any real life info from the biker's side of the story might open a few eyes. It might even get a few more bikes on the road!
    I think a senior member of the Vancouver Police's Motorcycle Division would be a good person to interview, as well as someone prominant in the political community who also rides a motorcycle.
    Maybe a local surgeon or two who might have a story or two about the realities of squids riding with shorts and sandals. I spoke with someone recently who told me that the reason he stopped riding when he was younger was because his father made him read the insurance reports concerning motorcycle accidents. The descriptions of the injuries and fatalities made him sell his bike right away.

    Maybe something about the situation surrounding the proposed Active Mountain Raceway in Merritt would help us get a track too! It would definately be of interest to anyone interested in watching or racing cars or bikes in BC.

    I'm sure a feature on Umbrella girls would bring in a few viewers...

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    i tried to make a sailing show a long time ago. great ideas went around n stuff.

    problem was, the intended audience was going to be too busy sailing to watch it.

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