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    Operating System choices.......

    This may have been hashed out before,but what are the advantages of going with a Linux os over a windows os?.I know the price is a big thing(in favour of Linux).

    Would Suse Linux 8.1 personal edition be like Windows xp Home and Shintom turbo Linux 6.0 workstation be like Windows xp professional?.Both Linux os are under $100.00 , the best price I can find for XP professional(full edition) is $409.00 at www.a-power.com .

    Can you still play games on a Linux os that you can play with Windows os?.

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    games are the weak point for linux.
    the companies simply just don't make them for linux, save and except a few. There is additional software (wineX) to allow several of the more popular games to run under linux, but this is questionable. If you want the benefits of linux, yet you still want to play games, set up a windows partition, or just buy an xbox.

    as for those distros....I don't use 'em, so i won't speak on how it compares to windoze. But most modern distros stack up quite nicely in terms of usability and function.
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    You can find some good tips HERE

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    If you're expecting Linux to a drop-in replacement for Windows, you're going to be disappointed. Generally speaking, getting Windows software to run on Linux is a PITA for novice users. However, you can pretty much do everything that you can do in Windows in Linux, but using different programs.

    That said, I've been a die-hard Linux user for about five years, and do almost everything on my trusty Debian box.

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