how to do sprocket allignmen?
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Thread: how to do sprocket allignmen?

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    how to do sprocket allignmen?

    how to do sprocket allignment plz tell me it dooable or do i need special tools

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    I use the markers on the swing arm. The problem is Suzuki adjusters suck ass. The chain will tighten slightly when you snug up the axle nut. So.. put extra slack in the chain, therefore, you will get proper tension (around 30mm). Cheers S.

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    What do you mean by sprocket alignment? If you've fitted new sprockets and got any spacers in the right place they should be aligned.

    If you're talking about chain tension, then as stinky says do not trust any manufacturers marks. I do mine by sight, kneeling behind the bike about 10 feet back.

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    or measure from the same point on both sides of the swingarm ie. I use the swingarm pivot and measure to the centre of the axle

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    Do you mean left-right, front-back, wheel alignment or actually installing spacers to ensure the new sprocket is aligned directly behind the front one?

    If the former, I stringline the bike. Tie about 10' of string to the front of the front wheel as high up as you can, both sides. You can use one long piece of string wrapped around the front wheel. Make sure the front wheel is straight. Draw the string back til it touches the front edge of the rear tire and measure the clearance between the back edge of the tire and the string. Adust wheel alignment blocks untill it's even. Believe me, I can feel when it's a millimeter off. This is a critical setting.

    For strocket installs, I've never had Eyeball Mark 1 fail me on sprocket alignment. You can see if the chain is not running true, easily.


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    Are you talking about the timing sprockets in the engine?

    I've learned that "alignment" can mean a whole lotta things on the 'net....
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