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    Crazy Martin in town

    So I was at the gas station with my buddy the other day, filling the tanks after a ride to Harrison and back, when this guys starts asking us about places to ride around here etc. Then he asks if we've seen any stunt videos. I say yes, referring to the limited downloaded vid clips I have on my computer. Turns out, I'm talking to Crazy Martin! A 25 year old stunter from Bulgaria who just moved here to be with his girlfriend.

    He wanted us to email him through his site, ,and go for a ride.

    This guy's been in Las Vegas Extremes, Judgment Day, all the cool one's. Maybe you guys would like to get him out to stunt days sometime. I doubt he'd enjoy riding with me, being the harsh noob that I am.


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    yeah i havent been out to any of the stunt days but i hear hes showed up to a whole bunch of stunt days already damnit i need to go to one of those

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    I've been to a few........he can do some crazy stunts! Check my gallery if you want to see some of the stuff he does!

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    he comes to the stunt days every week

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