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    RE: BCSB wave.

    Just an observation and comment when it comes to the 'wave'. Personally, I try to wave at everyone. I stick my hand out, if I can, I'll do a sideways peace sign (or victory).

    I've read so much on this topic. Has there been a poll? Maybe if there was one, and one wave received many more votes than others, why not just use that?

    With that in mind, if someone conducts a poll, please don't include stupid hard to do waves, like taking your boots and socks off, and holding up your pinky toe (Seinfeld ).

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    i wasn't born with enough middle fingers!
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    Even if there was one wave that was agreed upon here at BCSB (and officially, there has been... the hang loose), it's not universal enough... a large portion of riders out there aren't on this site... and more often than not, even if you do the hang loose, the other person won't really know what it means and will give you a generic wave back... and a lot of the time, I wait for the other person to initiate a greeting first, and I don't think I've ever seen a hang loose to date...

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    Hang Loose ??

    So what is the hang loose wave??
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    Please, not again.


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    Some guy on a silver Yamaha gave me the hang loose sign yesterday heading over the Alex Fraser Bridge. I thought that was pretty cool, I wasn't fast or bright enough to do it back, but I did wave a few times back in appreciation of his little wheelie show (flirty little me!)
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    none, till the boys are older
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    I thought it was this

    Thankyew folks, i'm on all this week@4:15

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    Simpson, use the search function, its really not all that hard and I was using it tons back when I first joined to avoid repeat threads. Found a pile of good information too.

    Having said that, this should help you...

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