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    Question Winter Storage

    I have a garage to store my bike in over the winter but my dad does a lot of wood work out there (yes, I still live at home!). Am I being overly paranoid to worry about dust if the bike has a drop sheet over it? Do I need to look at storing it somewhere else altogether?

    Second question - does it need to be on a stand or do I need to move it around once in awhile? What do you guys do?


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    First question:

    I don't know, I wouldn't think it'd be something to worry about with the proper cover over it, but that's just an unfounded assumption.

    Second question:

    Bernie (actionmechanic) suggested that storing it on a sheet of plywood will suffice, just not directly on the concrete as the concrete will leech some of the rubber out of your tires, or at least that was my understanding.
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    This is just a thought, but leaving your bike in one position can put a flat spot on the tires. I'd guess that moving it once a week is good, but if not, shouldn't be too bad.

    As for the sawdust, always nice to have it covered in something.

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    Moving the bike - Great Idea!! This just gives me another excuse to go out to the garage and "play" - I love being helpful.
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    A piece of rug under each of the tires works fine, and yes, cover up the bike if your dad is working in the garage.
    Even a cheap ass tarp will help.

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