For anyone thats interested. This Friday night they are having street legal drags at Mission raceway. gates open at 4:30pm. Cost is $20.00 for racers and $5.00 for spectators. Racing starts at 6:00pm. We usually get 5 or 6 passes in per night. It's a real rush. If anyone needs more info let me know.

It's a great way to see how fast your bike is in a safe place with no speeding tickets. We have had up to 25 bikes show up in an evening.
Gals don't be shy....I raced with Kim on her CBR 600 this weekend at the all bike drags and she had a blast. Kim was one of only three women racing this weekend in different classes. She got Knocked out in the first round of eliminations in trophy class but beat her dial in time, so she had a big smile on her face.
The best part was that we had a blast, got a great tan, and met a lot of really cool people riding all makes of bikes.

Ok I lied. The trophy sitting on my mantle was the best part (lol)

Hope to see you guys and gals out there!