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Thread: Lost a bike?

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    Lost a bike?

    On the way home from work, I noticed an older blue nakid gsxr by the side of the road. It had a headlight and looked like a did not finish, rather than a dumped stolen bike. If it's yours, it's probably home by now. If it's no longer yours and you'd like it back, send me a PM and I'll tell you where I saw it.
    "a bike is a terrible thing to waste"

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    proPrT of Brat
    lol...post that you want a reward for finding it at least...

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    I don't want anything other than the bike to get back to it's owner. I especially don't want to put a big flashing sign on it that says "free track bike".

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    proPrT of Brat
    u must not be a poor starving student living on KD dinners every night like me then....

    hope the bike finds it owner..

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    Eh Muh Gawd Becky!! Array Purplekawi's Avatar
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    i saw that bike riding down Willingdon crossing Lougheed. sounded pretty healthy. looked kinda funny with no bodywork on it.
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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