what kind of gear do you have?
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Thread: what kind of gear do you have?

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    what kind of gear do you have?

    I am starting to ride, and i want to get some information on what kind of gear to get.

    I already have a helmet

    I am looking into jacket pants, boots and gloves

    1. I have see those skimpy joe rocket jackets at Modern, those that go for 200 bucks, they do have armour but are they good enough?

    I have seen people wear these full bodied textile suits, something like what "Canadian Gixxer" has (from pictures)? Are those worth it? how much do they go for?

    2. I am not doing any racing anytime soon. but i dont want to waste money on those "barely any leather" leather gloves. Is it worth it to invest in carbon fibre gloves?

    anyone know of good deals around??

    Thanx all
    I can't wait

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    Pacific Yamaha has what looks to be a good package deal. Follow this link. Small print says it's valid until the end of May.

    I prefer to wear a textile jacket and pants combo. Not as protective as leather in a crash, but it's good in all weather and more comfortable to wear IMO.

    Carbon fibre gloves? Don't waste your money.

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    BK had a deal that you get FULL Teknic leathers (zip together jacket and pants) an HJC hlemet, and Teknic gloves and Teknic boots. Basically everything you'd ever need, short of rain gear. I think the whole package was like $999? Not sure.

    As for the gloves, if money is an issue, dont waste it on C/F gloves. Good, strong leather gloves will do the job. As for a jacket, Teknic and Joe Rocket have a lot of cheap textile jackets that will do a good job of protecting you in a get-off. And HJC makes the best budget helmets, from what I've heard.
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    i need a new bike.
    get a set of leathers instead of a 'full body' textile suit, it'll cost a lil more but you won't regret it

    i was at BK today and say a set of leathers with gloves, boots, and helmet for bout 900 bucks

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    That is a damn sweet deal! I paid $700 just for my leathers (1 peice), $140 for my gloves and $240 for my boots. Man, sometimes it's a rip off living in the sticks, no demand = no screamin' deals like that.

    Get the leathers littlejim, you won't regret it. You can always treat the leather and ride with it on in all weather with a windbreaker over top. I have a textile jacket with armor and I much perfer wearing my leathers in almost all situations. And when you get faster and decide you NEED to go to a trackday you won't have to go and buy leathers at that time.

    Just my 2 cents

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