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    time to flex some muscle

    Hi There,

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me (and if this question hasn't been asked, it's probably because it's dumb, so please forgive me), if i were a 100lb weakling and dropped a 400lb bike because of some retarded reason. . . would i just stand on the corner and cry like a little girl until someone came and helped me or is there a specific way to get your bike back up?
    no i'm not a 100lb wealking but lack of food and funds is getting me there, and no i'm not a little girl, but hey, whatever you want me to be baby. . . and no, i have yet to do this, but the question just popped into my head and i thought i should ask.

    Thanks guys!

    nik =^.^=

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    Instead of crying like a little girl, why not try lifting the damn thing.

    Tips: Back to the bike, use your legs. Shouldn't be a HUGE problem. If that fails, flag another rider down, or just ask someone to help. 100lb sounds like a girl to me... or a very small asian guy. Girls should easily get help from guys. Guys... suck it up and ask.

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    When your adrenaline gets pumping, maybe you can lift more than you think you can. But... I mean, if you really can't do it, then yeah, wait for someone to come help you...

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    like 125lb... layed down my zx6r... heavy bike...got it up in a matter of seconds...

    i think its cuz i can't bare the embarrassement... get it up in a jiffy
    . . b r a t . .

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    Re: time to flex some muscle

    Originally posted by Maverick_cat
    no i'm not a little girl, but hey, whatever you want me to be baby. . .
    Prepare for a flood of PM offers.
    About lifting the bike, it's not really a matter of being able to lift 400lbs since you'll be using leverage. Rock the bike until the tires touch the ground, then kinda push away from you and simultaneously lift. t's easier than you'd think. A friend dropped his Honda Accord...sorry, Gold Wing once and I got it back up because he f***ed his wrist up. Wasn't too hrd with leverage and that bike weighs about 800lbs if I'm not too mistaken.
    What was it all about?

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    You'll also find that after you've dropped a bike, you'll be
    charged with adrenaline and can lift much, MUCH more than
    you normally would. Be careful.

    I remember dropping an old CB750 and picking it up with
    one hand. Couldn't use that arm for a week afterwards, I
    tore so many muscles

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    Thanks for the 411 guys. The website link is a good one - thanks dave. yeah, for some reason i keep thinking i have to PICK UP 400 lbs. duh.

    Oh, Hu99 - were you asking what a "shocker" was? you wanna know? apparently it's a small town thing, but the guy who told me was probably BS-ng me (he said he started it)


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    it's amazing how light 400lbs feels when your adrenaline kicks in. That saved me a couple of timies when I leaned over a little too far and my bike started to go. Managed to keep the bike up.
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    Where's the link with that like 90 lb chick that is lifting up the older goldwing (I think she's on roids though)
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