F4i Lowering Links
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Thread: F4i Lowering Links

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    F4i Lowering Links

    Is this what's needed to lower a F4i?

    if that's all i need, anyone know how?


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    looks right,i had mine made....

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    that's all you need and a couple metric wrenches and a very good measuring device like a verneer .

    or You could come by my shop and i can lend you the tools and give you a hand

    1.hang the bike from something or remove the fairings and prop it up on the header .A rear stand may work but when you remove the links you will have to muscle it back into position ..Better to use a jack on the header or hang it with adjustable ties

    2.remove the old links and bolts

    3.dry fit the new links to see where you like the hieght .

    4.measure bolt to bolt hole where you have the links positioned to match it up front

    5.loosen the bolts that hold the triple clamps in positon on the forks (only a little or it will drop through )

    6.using stock height as a starting point ,use the meaurement from the links bolt to bolt and push up on the forks or bang down on the triple (rubber hammer) until measurement is the same on both fork legs (go slow )

    7.tighten the triple bolts and sit on the bike..if you like the hieght remove the triple bolts one at a time and loctite them back in place ..if it needs height adjustment repeat steps 3-6

    when hieght is achieved

    8.install new links and hardware (remember to use blue locktite or locking nuts ,,i'm sure they are locking i've taken my swingarm off a bunch of times but i can't remember

    9.double check all hardware

    10 .adjust chain if needed

    11.test ride

    repeat 3-11 until you get it right,,if you go to a regular shop they'll charge you for each time you want it adjusted and all the shop hrs ,i can do it for $50 and check it until your satisfied

    i would drop the height of the front to make the bike turn quicker rather than making the whole bike even stance .but it's personal preference
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