I am riding down to LA to take part in the love ride this year. You know the one with Jay Leno, Peter Fonda etc. The purpose of the Love Ride is to raise money for charity. The date of the Ride is November 9th.

Since I am going to ride to LA and back ( Go Canuk Go ) I was hoping that maybe some of you on BC Sportbike would consider sponsoring me for a few dollars.

After all, how many Vancouver riders (on a BMW) will be in that sea of black Harleys down there. I plan to fly a BC Flag and a Canadian flag on my bike during the actual Love Ride ride.

I am trying to raise 650.00 US ( $1,000.00 cdn) and will say that that any amount donated will be most appreciated.

If you want to pledge the link is at


just type in my name Bill Watt and pledge away

I will have a ride report after the fact.

Many thanks