Opinions on Used Bike Plz (Pt. 2)
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Thread: Opinions on Used Bike Plz (Pt. 2)

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    Opinions on Used Bike Plz (Pt. 2)

    Hi there,

    I've got another one.. it's a 1989 yamaha FZR 400


    Is this going to possibly have similar problems as the other 400 i mentioned in my previous post?

    Thanks !

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    not having heard/read anything bad about 5thgear i'd say this is potentially a much better choice than anything from Atlas.

    you might have a problem re-selling something so strange looking, but perhaps not. maybe you can pick up the stock bodywork cheap somewhere?

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    that bike looks pretty rad for an 89....but the back end looks kinda weird...i'd wana see some different angles first..

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    If your looking for a sporty 400, in my opinion, that is the best bike to buy. Why? ITS NOT A GREY BIKE!

    They are not really common, but they are also not that uncommon either (in fact, I saw one last night). Finding parts wont be as easy as a newer bike, but shouldn't be impossibe.

    I also remember seeing the FZR 400 in a bike magazine's top 10 (or 20) list of good used sportbikes to buy.

    edit: I saw the picture, and it sure could use a new tailpiece. Might be able to find a used one on ebay or something.
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    alot of fzr400's were turned into track bikes and givin a good beating, so be sure to check it throughly. Will be super duper cheap to insure though.
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    Cool bike. I wonder about the part about racing that he mentions in the ad. I would be very cautious if it's an ex track bike put back to street duty, could have had some very hard miles. It sure looks like it needs a new tail too. You might get awfully wet and dirty if you ride that bike in the rain.

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    I've had one as my first bike, and I must say its definetely a good choice. Good on gas, great handeling around the street, enough power to get you started.

    Only complaint is that it got relatively hot during rush hour riding, or if you're stuck at a light on a hot day. The temp gauge ran up to almost 90% a few times. But I heard its somewhat normal on this bike.

    I have some reservations about how that one in the link looks, the modified back end and missing fairings and all. But for that price, and looking at the kms on the bike ... it seems to be a good deal. First thing I would do is buy a set of fairings and slap them on, and then see if the back end can be 'fixed' to how it used to be

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    At 2300 is sounds like not a bad deal but that cut away tail AND SUBFRAME could spell problems. For example I do believe that the motor vehicle act calls for the body work to extend beyond the rear of the back tire. In any event you WILL have a super skunk stripe if you get caught in the rain. The missing lowers would probably be a bit expensive to replace too if you want to.

    The FZR is actually a domestic model so you will be able to get parts. It's an older bike though so be prepared to wait for any that are unusual. Standard things like filters, gaskets and other things that wear through normal use should be pretty much over the counter or two to three days away for the most part.

    A complete one would sure be nice but I have to say that this one doesn't intrest me thanks to the obviously hacked off damage to the tail. Now if you could bodge on a solo race tail and move the light back then perhaps that would be pretty cool. Since no one would be sitting on the rear of the tail you could get away with minimal mounting back there. Forget about ever carrying a passenger though unless you're willing to pay big money to have the rear subframe repaired. And you can probably get a race lower to fit too.

    So yeah, if it's running well then 2300 is a nice price from what I've seen out there these days. Just be sure to keep enough dollars to fix up the tail over the winter.

    PS: I notice that there's nothing there that says it HAS been raced. Just that it would make a good lightweight racer.
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