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    proPrT of Brat

    body armour...

    do they make body armour that you can wear on its own...what i mean is bodyarmour that not inserted into the jacket but like a separate vest/jacket kind of deal...i know they make it for dirt bikers but where would i find something like this?\

    also what stores sell back protectors.

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    Yes, there are several companies that make armour like that.
    here's a couple:

    (I am not too sure about availability of these products in Canada, best bet would be to ask someone at BK, RMS, Modern, Imperial, etc.)

    Back protectors can be found all over the place. They're fairly common.

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    You bet,
    I have a pressure suit made by Six. Six. One. its mainly made as dirt gear but it fits under my jacket with no problems

    The fit is superb and its really has great coverage of all the major impact areas.

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    It's red and got two wheels and I think it has a engine
    Try Dainese. RMS carries them but they are quite pricy.

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    proPrT of Brat
    thanks guys...

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    I think I saw some of what your looking for @ richmond motor sports.

    I could be wrong though.

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