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    Clutch hunting for a REAL job..

    Its gonna sound like a wine but its really not...
    I've had enuff, Im tired.. tired of low offers starting from scratch. getting rapped everytimg I apply for a job. I hear you got to start off at the bottom and work up.. Well be their...done that.... worked up from the bottom and I'd like to sit at the big table..LOL
    Got a morgage, kid, and the rest of the life stuff to pay for so take a look over and if you know where I can be a fit let me know.

    I have the experience and formal knowledge of the following:
    Transferable skills
    Class 3 with air
    Maintained $280,000.00 per month sales constantly with last corporate employer
    Received 100 customer service awards in one year and 80 in the previous year
    Had 700 accounts, 100 accounts I communicated with daily
    A background in management, sales and technical support {PC}
    An in-depth knowledge of electronic and computer hardware and function
    Accurately interpret customers・ problems and offer the best resolution
    The ability to quickly establish a good rapport with clients
    Have undertaken roles such as, project management, system support, and help desk
    Substantial experience in designing and selling Small to small large servers and networks
    Outstanding telephone communications, patient, personable, and receptive
    Experience in Lotus Notes, Lotus smart suite, Ms Office, Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, MSWorks, and MS Word
    I have a strong technical background, in both computer and leisure vehicle servicing
    2 & 4 stroke breakdown, top end and bottom end repair, valve train, Cooling, transmission, clutch repair, starter exhaust systems {2 & 4 Stroke}
    Adjustments of both normally aspirated carburetor, and Fuel injection: rebuilds, trouble shooting, tuning with exhaust gas analyzer
    Chain drive, and drive shafts
    Breaks both hydraulic and mechanical
    Tire servicing, lace and true of wheels
    Frame, suspension {front and rear}, trouble shooting stability problems
    Trouble shooting components charging system, Ignition, starting systems
    Electronic fuel injection, computer, CDI・s
    Reading of wiring diagrams
    Test & Servicing Equipment
    Digital & analog multi-meters
    Exhaust gas analyzer
    Pneumatic and impact wrenches
    Hydraulic compressors, and lifts
    Compression gauges and leak down testers
    Calipers, micrometers, dial gauges
    Battery chargers
    Rim protector, hydraulic rim protector
    Cutting and welding equipment
    Plus the regular assortment of wrenches and ratchet devices

    2002 Motorcycle Technician, BCIT
    1998 Level 1 server training, IBM TechConnect
    1998 IBM certified in selling IntelliStation
    1990-1992 Computer Electronic Technician, CompuCollege School of Business
    1989-1990 Sales and Marketing, Atlantic School of Business
    1984-1988 BA inBusiness, Memoria University

    January 03 present: Driver Northwest Waist Management

    Driving of 35ft duel axel roll off truck
    Driving of Front end garbage truck
    Driving of IHAB truck
    Servicing, repairing, delivering and removal of garbage/cardboard bins.

    July 2002-December 2002: Technician HawgZotic Custom cycle

    Servicing of motorcycles
    Ground up custom builds of American V twins
    Custom metal work made to client・s specifications

    2000- 2001 Account Manager, White Knight

    Manage 500 plus accounts, resolving their issues, and generating sales from the account.
    . Draw up quotes for clients on servers, PC systems, and network product
    . Devise special programs for each account to increase their revenue. E.g. employee purchase programs
    . Attend to the needs of my corporate accounts
    Resurrected a major account from doing zero dollars in the last year to $40,000. -$50,000.00 per month in revenue
    Dealt with re-sellers and designed specific programs to best suit their needs and help achieve their sales goals
    Obtained the respect not only of my peers in my employers company but the respect and trust of my clients.

    1998-1999 Business Partner Specialist Rep. IBM Canada

    Trained accounts on IBM products
    Training of business partners, to effectively sell IBM servers, workstation monitors and options
    Attend the sales calls with the business partner.
    Attend, and participate in, training seminars, showcase

    1992-1998 Sales/Manager, Radio Shack
    Started in sales, then became Computer Marketing specialist, assistant manager then manager
    Received several awards: $250,000+ 1994, $265,000+ sales award in 1995, $281,000+ sales award in 1996 fiscal, $283,000+ sales award in 1997 fiscal
    Maintained the top five spot in British Columbia, and the top ten in Canada for sales
    Received countless customer service awards for extended service to the clients
    Left Radio Shack with a personal client base of 700 clients in the Vancouver area
    Maintained a constant sales increase and a constant decrease in shoplifting and repairable expenses

    1991-1992 Service Technician . Paragon Information Systems, St. John・s NF.
    Servicing client・s PC and configuring client/ server systems
    Repair defective computers
    Doing in shop and out call work and software trouble shooting

    1986-1989 District Sales Rep, Saturne Distributing
    Started off part time summer employment
    Travel across Newfoundland visiting clients
    Acclimated 2500km per month driving to clients
    Running specific promotions and contest
    Inventory, and returns of goods
    Being a go between for merchant and head office.
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    I'll pay ya 5 bucks to lick a slug
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    you can probably run for prime minister with a resume like that. you're not putting it all down on paper are ya? anyway, if you decide you need a change of pace (slower) then try these jokers:

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    Originally posted by DNAspark99
    I'll pay ya 5 bucks to lick a slug
    Thanks, that made me laugh. Seriouly though good luck job hunting.
    BTW Wich route do you do your pickups? What city?
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    Originally posted by Midnight R
    Thanks, that made me laugh. Seriouly though good luck job hunting.
    BTW Wich route do you do your pickups? What city?
    Thank for the support Midnight
    My route is all over the lower mainland. and valley I put on about 300 to 600km a day driving starting @ 5am It's killing the love of riding because of the amount of driving that I do. hey and DNA would want to take your career choice dude, or is it your gf your describing then I need more than 5 bucks, the Penicillin injection (I would need after ) costs more than that.

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    Originally posted by DNAspark99
    I'll pay ya 5 bucks to lick a slug
    Is that offer just for him. Next time you're in Van bring $5 and a slug and you've got a deal!

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