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    proPrT of Brat

    GSXR-750 bogging...

    hey guys i was lookin at a gixxer today that i want to buy and everything is good on it except it seems its bogging a bit under 5000 rpms...its mods include..

    K&N filter
    Full Kerker exhaust
    Titanium headers

    i was reading that somtimes with these mods done the bike can bog between a certain rpm range..

    is there anyway to fix this problem...i want to buy the bike but i wana know how hard this would be to fix...can i just adjust the jets with a dynojet kit??

    any ideas would be appreciated...i'm a newb when it comes to bike mechanics..

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    well buddy, i'm not expert either, but i'll help ya where i can....lots of people like to bash my "tech talk", so maybe this'll help get some responses goin.

    I've read on many a thread/ magazine/site that a bike with the mods you've mentioned experiences this "bogging" you talk of.

    What it comes down to is this- From what i make of it, different pipes will give you a different feel in rev ranges....just as will K&N filters....and you've got aftermarket headers too! lots of changes indeed.
    I had to get my carbs rejetted once i put in a K&N filter....and i didn't think it was worth while to tell you the truth.

    Fact of the matter is this- no bike company is goin to let their product out the door, if it's beyond what quality and performance they want to see.
    what i'm saying is, stock filters and pipes give out damn close to peak performance. People who turn round and are like "oh yeah , i'm gonna get 15hp incread with this new pipe" seem to be a little misinformed.
    If you've got an idea of how HP is rated, you'll see why it's bullshit.

    Now here's the next thing to take into consideration- what year is this gixxer? 98 and above with FI , or 97 and older with bare carb units? I know there's a slighter stronger pull from FI SRADS over the nons.
    You're goin to find that quite a few bikes (750 down anyways) feel a little sluggish, till they hit their powerband where the load to fuel/air mixture all comes together for optimum performance.

    Have you trialed this bike against another bike, to test the comparison of the bogging? that's important too.

    maybe tell us what year it is along with the rest of the typical info.

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    if you just slapped on a full exhaust without tuning the bike, it's gonna run like crap.

    Get it on a dyno, see what the curves look like, then get the bike tuned up. Or avoid the latter and get it tuned.
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    Jup! It won't run right if the jetting wasn't matched up to the exhaust mods. One thing to add though is what other bikes have you ridden? Most supersport inline 4's are pretty flat on the bottom end mine doesn't start to make much power until 4-5 and the meat of the power is above 9. Now if it's actually loosing power when you're giving it some gas, you've got a problem. I'll assume it's a carb bike from what you're saying. Ask more about what was done when it was modded. If it was the previous owner before this one, assume he doesn't know. A lot of people toss a race pipe on for the cool factor and then do nothing else and end up with a bike that performs worse than stock. I'd take it into a shop before you buy it and get it checked out, jetting is an easy fix. Nice choice of bike, get a good one and you won't be sorry.

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    proPrT of Brat
    yeh i was talking to a fellow member tonight and he said if i got the full exhaust and the k&N that the bike will need a power it will run richer...he said thats most likely the it looks like i'll be picking up this bike next week if all goes well...

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