<B><H4>I have some thing for sale here:</H4></B>
<b>1992 Jetta Wolfsburg</B> - 5 speed, 4 door, charcol grey, sunroof, power locks, power windows, 162 kms, lists of maintainace records, great shape

<B>Bryston BP-5 Preamplifier</B> - Very nice sound, if you are an audiophile, I don't really have to tell you that.

<B>Cambridge Audio CD-4 SE CD Player </B>- Good sounding unit, the special edition was head and shoulders above the regular one. Far more depth and a better soundstage.

<B>Denon POA-800 Power Amp</B> - 2x90 or 1x150 bridged. Not much to say, it's a Denon power amp.

<B>Fender Stratocastor Waynes World Special Edition</B> - This was released by Fender when Wayne's World came out. It's a cream white strat made in Japan, that were arguably better guitars than the US ones at the time. It came originally as a package, and I am selling it as a package. It comes with a soft case and a small (25Watt??) practice amp. This is now a collectors item.

<B>Oak TV Cabinet </B>- $40
<B>Oak finished coffee table</B> - $40
<B>Mahogany bedside table </B>- $30

Please PM me if you are interested. PS, I'm from Victoria