And down she goes!!!!!!!
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Thread: And down she goes!!!!!!!

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    Angry **PIX ADDED**down she goes!!!

    **Pix added under gallery****

    Just moved to Kelowna. About an hour ago I was coming out of a blind corner just going into a straight and all of a sudden I see this huge bird ( found out later it was a female feasent) crossing my path infront of me at winshield heigth. I put my front brake on hard and ducked at the same time, when WHAM!! the fucker either hit my windshield and then hit me, or just hit me and knocked both the bike and myself flying. The whole time I'm sliding I'm thinking " A fucking bird, not sand, gravel, oil, or another car, but a fucking bird!!!) I stood up with slight giggle to my breath, when my pants fall down to my ankles ( the belt was ripped off). My baby slid aprox. 20 feet and bounced off one of those soft telephone poles. All and all I didn't know what to think.

    What was I wearing you ask? More then what I usually see
    eople wearing in this town. Lucky Jo Boxer boxers ( ripped to shreds) Jeans ( ripped to shreds) Joe Rocket Ballistic Jacket. ( ripped up one arm) Teknic gloves ( palmes destroyed) Boots ( just your average boots -not to bad) and a KBC VR1 Helmet ( slightly scratched, but won't be using it)

    I was definitely happy I wore my gear today, like every other day. With that said I will invest in some better gear next time. This was a slow speed slide. I couldn't imagine if it was at a faster pace!!!

    How was I, you ask? ( if you really care!) Road rash on knees, ankle, hip, elbow, o and my pinky finger.

    How was the R6? From what I can tell, left side fairings definitely gone. Tail section is toast, nice dent on side of tank, headlight smashed, probably alot more once I go down to the salvage and look.

    All this with beautiful weather to come and 9 days of insurance left.

    Wonder what insurance will say!!!!! fairing.jpg 2.jpg fairing.jpg
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    Are attacking birds covered by ICBC? I know bombs are. Good to hear your are generally okay. Poor bike though. Take care of her.
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    Do you have any visible evidence of hitting the bird (helmet/windscreen).....?

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    I think birds might, unfortunately, fall into that gray area where no one seems to cover it except your pocketbook.
    I REALLY hope for your sake I'm totally wrong.
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    Oh it's about a crash, I saw the words " she ", "goes", "down" and got all excited.
    Sorry to hear that though. Are you at least going to have Pheasant for dinner tonight?
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    pluck some skin, blood, and feathers from the bird and put em in the cracks of your headlight =)

    or just light your jacket on fire and say a burning tree fell on ya... (might not work, but makes one heck of a story)

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    Good that you're aight tho!

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    OH YEAH!
    Doesn't insurance cover you from flying objects? like birds.
    Hope it does.
    good luck!
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    Whach u talkn bout Willis Array smokedvw's Avatar
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    Originally posted by SpideRider
    I think birds might, unfortunately, fall into that gray area where no one seems to cover it except your pocketbook.
    I REALLY hope for your sake I'm totally wrong.
    I hope you have the bird or some feathers cause they are COVERED,
    my dad hit a raven on a logging road and it smashed up the whole front grille and rad,
    icbc covers it!


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    Originally posted by Cutekid
    Doesn't insurance cover you from flying objects? like birds.
    Hope it does.
    good luck!
    ah, it should fall in under comp. i hope.
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    Welcome to Kelowna. Land of concrete pheasants with poor vision.

    ICBC (or who ever) covers it the same way they cover a deer running out of nowhere. Shouldn't be a problem, except for deductible.

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    Re: And down she goes!!!!!!!

    Originally posted by bluepine

    What was I wearing you ask?

    How was I, you ask?

    How was the R6?
    Who's been asking these damn questions? I didn't ask these damn questions! damn you , you question askers!

    How'd the pheasent taste? Don't tell me that lil' fucker took out you and your bike, and you didn't eat it.
    I just won't believe that bullshit....that's a primo kill, doood. you don't even have to pick out the shot from it.
    easy pickings.
    Last time i checked though, pheasant wasn't goin for 10 grand a pound though!

    I'm so corny, it's ghey.

    At least you're alive....that's more then i can say for that bird!

    Cool dude in Lucky joe boxers - 1, Pheasant - 0
    ....and that's the way we like it, uh huh, uh huh. (casey and the sunshine band.)


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    Hey dude, sorry to hear. The worst feeling is as soon as you stop sliding and are on the ground 'what the hell'.
    Welcome to the club.

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    Originally posted by revelation
    Do you have any visible evidence of hitting the bird (helmet/windscreen).....?
    Makes no difference, you can't sue a bird for negligently low-flying without shoulder checking, etc.


    BTW, how bad did your Joe Rocket Ballistic fair? Did it protect you at all? I ask because I have one (3/4 length, 2000 vintage, some thin foam padding only in arms, shoulders and spine). I just replaced my jeans and non-motorcycle boots with leather pants and proper boots, but am still wearing my beloved Ballistic. Before that I formerly wore leather jackets.

    Let me know please.

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    welcome to kelowna my friend!

    glad to hear you are okay though, what part of town you living in?

    gotta go riding with us next season bro

    maybe BF has some r6 plastics for sale?
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