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Thread: Pickup Truck recomendations

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    Pickup Truck recomendations

    Thinking of trading my impreza in for a pickup truck. Anyone have any suggestions on compact to mid-size pickups. If you have anything to say about any pickup, lets hear it.

    Just seems like I never go fast in the car, so might as well get something a little more practical.

    Thanks for you help.


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    Toyota Tundra!

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    I recommend either of the following;


    They all have their Pro's and Con's. It all depends on what you want it for and how much you want to spend in total.

    Right now the American companies are having really good rates for their vehicles but I've notice that given time they breakdown faster than an Import.

    My 2cents.
    (Man In Yellow)

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    It would be helpful if people could say more than simply posting the model of a truck...

    I would rather hear people's first hand experiences or opinions on the trucks.

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    if your getting a diesel go ford! but the real question is how much your spending what do you want 4x4? extended cab? gas diesel? ect.

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    I have 389,000 Kms on my 1989 Nissan 4 cylinder King Cab.

    It doesn't burn oil, has tons of compression and only just received it's first clutch.

    Fucking thing is bullet proof. Tons of torque and really good on gas in town. Not so good on the highway because it's geared so low.

    I know the Toyotas and Mazda's are good too.

    Stay away from the older B2000 Mazda's. They have a hait of snapping crankshafts. B2200 - B2600 is all good.

    Ford Rangers have SCARY electrronic problems. We had one coem in to our shop that shorted and burnt all the wiring going right in to the fuel pump when the pump packed it in. If it didn't have a full tank it could have gone up in flames...

    Chev's are good.

    The 2.2L four is a strong motor, very good on gas.

    If your a recent graduate (<2 years ago) there's usually a grad rebate from several manufacturers.
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    I have a 88 Toyota 4/4 and a 99 Ford F150 which I inherieted. The toyota is pretty rusty now(I work at a ski hill 13yrs.) I didn't drive it up the mountain every day but the rust has taken its toll. It still runs strong and handles well, the V6 motors are supposed to be good for lots of miles. The ford I hate!, it handles like a piece of s__t and I have almost lost control of it a couple of times. It seems to wollow on the suspension whereas the Toyota feels more like it is on rails. I will probably sell the Ford. Anyways thats my 2 cents.

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    I wish I had never bought a pickup truck... and I would never again (probably). I've got a mazda B2600i 4x4. I used to have a fast car and it got stolen a million times so I bought the truck thinking it would be much less trouble. F'in thing is useless and totally impractical. I hate it. For the amount of time I actually use it as a truck (ie: 4x4, or using the bed) its not worth it to me. Actually the only time it ever gets used as a truck now is when someone in my family calls me and wants to borrow it. The novelty of going off road wears off quick, unless its a passion for you. Do NOT NOT NOT get something that doesn't have an extended cab, where the hell do you put things like groceries? Personally if I were ever to buy a truck again (not likely) I would ONLY go full size with a big goddamn engine, not midsize, but more likely it would be an SUV. Personally I don't see the point in getting a small or midsize p/u... its not a REAL truck (ie: you'll be looking up at all the big trucks and wishing you bought one of those) and its not as comfortable or nice to drive as a commuter vehicle as a car. I don't know, maybe I'm just a car guy. Get your friend to buy a truck, that way you can borrow it whenever you need to move something, seriously.

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    If your going small to midsize go Import. Dakotas are shit for many reasons so stay away from them. Toyota makes a good truck and they hold thier resale well and they are very reliable. Nissan arent too bad, they are cheaper but not as reliable. The older Mazdas 93 and older are ussually pretty good as well and they are cheap the 94 and up are just Ford Rangers But everything is better than a Dakota. As for experience ive had 2 mazdas 92 b2600i 2wheel drive and had ZERO problems in the 100 k that I put on it. I also had a 92 b2600i 4x4 and also had ZERO problems with it except tires which I wore out and the exhaust as I was doing a lot of short trips at the time so the condensation ate the muffler and resonator. The Dakota was bought brand new 99 Dakota sport 4x4 ext cab 5speed v6 I realize that it was a bit if a heavy truck but the POS got 10.4 MPG all the time and it didnt make a difference how you drove it. Dodge would not fix it they said there was nothing wrong with it. I had it in 5 times and the same result each time so I ditched it. I guess there was nothing wrong with it as ive talked to 4 others and they all had the exact same problem. My father inlaw didnt heed my advice and he bought almost the identical truck but in the 4 door model with an auto trans. HaHAHA now he is crying that he only gets 9.5 MPG and he is 60 years old. My new fullsize GMC Sierra ext cab full load 4.8 liter v8 with 270 hp only gets 25 MPG but I guess I'll have to live with that.
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    Mini van, mini van, mini van. you can haul your bike or a bunch of friends or almost anything that a pick-up can and will keep it dry and out of reach. I have had two, VW and Toyota and if you can get around the soccer mom stigma, they are the best things on the road.
    When Im done with my latest car (won't be long) I'll be back to a van. Probably full size this time.
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    For my needs, my 89 b2200 is perfect.
    Who want to speed with a cage, thats what the bike's for!!! Duh!!

    It is a 5 sp, extended cab, with big fat grippy tires and is dark blue in colour
    It has zero power, but has lots of torque.
    Its got 250,000 kms and runs fine. Passed air care.
    I paid 3 grand for it last year when I bought it.
    Put a new starter in it and its been great ever since.

    I have put in a nicer stereo system, alarm, tinted out the windows, and will be dropping in a sun roof sometime this winter.
    Got a tonneau cover for it so it resembles less like a truck and get better mileage on the highway.

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    Originally posted by spacely
    Mini van, mini van, mini van. you can haul your bike or a bunch of friends or almost anything that a pick-up can and will keep it dry and out of reach. I have had two, VW and Toyota and if you can get around the soccer mom stigma, they are the best things on the road.
    When Im done with my latest car (won't be long) I'll be back to a van. Probably full size this time.

    Even Dalton says the minivans are teh ghey but he does have a nice one.

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    Chevy Truck!!!
    see mine www.geocities.com/jasonschapansky
    2 wheels or 4 wheel drive

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    One with a 8foot bed ...
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    I got a 2001 Dodge Dakota club cab with a 3.9L V6, 5 Speed, 2WD. Bigger than the other compact pick ups but smaller than a full size. Has a nice comfy ride like a car almost.

    I was hesitant to buy any American vehicles, but this Dakota has had no probs in the 2 years I have had it. Mileage is pretty good considering the size of the engine. I can get about 650 - 700 kms per 80 liter tank on the highway.

    I was considering the 4x4 version, but I hate the electronic transfer case. I kept it simple and economic. The Americans have got the OHV figured out anyway. It's not very fast, but it's good enuff for hauling my bike to track days.

    They main questions are; what are you looking to spend? What are you needs in a truck?
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