82 gs650 what do i need?
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Thread: 82 gs650 what do i need?

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    82 gs650 what do i need?

    hi there,

    me and some friends picked up this engine for a gocart and we need to know what pieces we need to get it to run.

    we need somesort of coil pack and carbs+manifold.

    Is that it?

    anyone have any of these parts?



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    you need alot more than that if all you have is an engine. you need the spark box, leads, carbs, a wiring harness exhaust and a few more bits and pieces.
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    I don't get it What exactly do you have? Is it still in the bike? If it's just a bare motor, try to get a hold of a wiring harness (you can cut away what you don't need), carbs, exhaust (or some of it if you know someone who can fabricate. Everything will probably have to be custom made, clutch cable, throttle cable, shift linkage some kind of gas tank, then the rest needed to make a kart. Good luck, if that project gets off the ground and you have a solid engine, that kart will be scarry!

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