Heaven will have NUN of that...
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Thread: Heaven will have NUN of that...

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    Heaven will have NUN of that...

    A group of Nuns have died in a bus crash and are lined up outside the gates of Heaven where St.Peter is passing judgement.

    As the first Nun steps up to St.Peter he is standing behind a pestal full of holy water. St.Peter says to her " If you have touched a mans penis place the body part that has come into contact with the penis into the holy water and you will be absolved of your sin and can procede through the gates of Heaven."
    The Nun replies, " I have only touched a penis with the tip of my finger when I was quite young." She places her finger in the holy water and then goes through the gates of heaven.
    The next Nun says, " I once held a penis in my hand before I found God." she too places her hand into the water and goes through the gates of Heaven.
    Just then two Nuns switch places in line causing a minor comotion,noticing this St.Peter asks " Sisters why have you traded your places in line, there is no hurry you will all get into heaven."
    To which the one Nun replies " I know your holiness but I didn't want to GARGLE the holy water after she SQUATS in it."
    " JESUS SAVES "...
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    I knew that was coming, I would of thought she might have risen it with her mouth instead.

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    I've never seen this one before.. I like it... teehee..

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