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Thread: advice on transporting bike

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    advice on transporting bike

    i have to get a project bike (no fairings and tank on the bike) from surrey (guildford area) to downtown vancouver. any ideas on the cheapest way to do this? (and no, i don't know anyone who i can borrow a pick up truck from). i'm looking into either getting it towed or renting a cargo van and doing it myself but any suggestions of places would be very helpful! thanks!

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    I recently rented a pickup truck from Thrifty's they have a special $29.99 per day unlimited mileage. I rented it to go pick up a bike from Seattle !! What a great deal.

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    Get a pickup. Ya gotta love that commercial about the guy with a Ford that kept getting calls on his answering machine from everyone he knew to get help with his truck. That must be how some people feel......know anyone with a truck? Call around, everyone has a rate. Any pickup will fit a bike

    I don't suggest U-haul cargo vans. You could watch the gas gauge move on the one I rented and the steering was in really bad shape. Just call around and get the best price you can.....I think there's been mention of someone on the board who moves bikes as well, do a search, it might be cheaper. I used Petro points to get a set of tie downs if that's something else you need.

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    Call a bike shop for advice... they might even rent you their truck, or do the pickup for a fee...

    I think there's some UHaul type place the rents bike trailers too... most cars should be able to handle hauling a bike... especially if its stripped like that.

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    call a towtruck?
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