Vehicle Safety Inspection roadblock
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Thread: Vehicle Safety Inspection roadblock

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    Vehicle Safety Inspection roadblock

    I was riding on Columbia in New West this morning at 10:30, and near the Patullo Bridge overpass there was a police roadblock set up in both directions for "Vehicle Safety Inspections". At first I thought it was just for commercial vehicles but there were lots of regular folks pulled over. Does anyone know what's up with this?

    The roadblock was still there when I passed going the other direction around 2:30PM.

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    Thumbs down That's not good.

    That is not good news to me. If you hear/see it anywhere else in the lower mainland, make sure to let me know. I would have my car taken off the road right then and there if I drove through one of those.

    Thanks for the "heads up" !

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    I think that's a good thing they did. I see some cars that are falling apart, have no brake lights, mushroom smoke coming out of their exhausts. One time some dudes muffler fell off right in front of me and i ran over it. Luckily i was in a car. if i was on my bike, i would have bailed for sure!
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