Got myself a Bike!!
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Thread: Got myself a Bike!!

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    Got myself a Bike!!

    Hi all, I got myself a bike finally its 2002 F4I. I haven't really gotten off it for the last 2 days. I hope we get some more days of sunshine so I can keep riding. Also can anyone out there tell me where the best place is to get an oil change done on the bike as it is due very soon!


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    Best place for an oil change? Your own garage. If you have money to burn pretty much any MC can at least handle that. Congrats on the bike!

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    yeah man do the oil change yourself it doesnt take a rocket scientest (trust me i do my own ) just go buy a race stand o yeah i almost forgot congrats on the bike

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    yes im with you all it yourself................and break her in hard.

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    congrats on the bike. ride safe.
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    Do it, do it, do it!

    Congrats on the bike.

    I'm following the pack on the oil change, do it yourself. Canadian Tire even sell those neat little oil filter gripper ($5) that fit any 3/8 wratchet (spelling?). They're really handy if it's in a bad spot.

    Take 15 minutes of your time and get acuainted with your new bike!

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    Re: Got myself a Bike!!

    Ditto to DIY.

    Most likely involve removing some fairings to access the oil filter and easier access to the drain plug.

    I would not bother with a race stand. I friend of mine advised me to get two 6x4 wooden blocks. For my F3 I needed them to be 11 inches high. With a little help from the missus and presto the rear section of the bike is on the blocks (they stay under the swingarms). Able to do chain lube/oil change/...

    Enjoy and be safe.


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    if you have problems getting the screw lid back on a jar of peanut butter (like my missus), then don't do it. you could well f%ck up the drain bolt threads. but as a man, you should have been born with the inate ability to handle the 'archimedes thread' (right?), so get a manual, read it and get to it

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    Congrats, hopefully i'll be getting my own soon.

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    Get a copy of the service manual online, so you have detailed instructure to follow.
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    Congrats on bike.... good choice !!!!
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    I hate to admit it, but even though I've been riding for a lot of years, I never did my own oil change. I always got it done while I was getting something else done, like getting a new tire, chain, or whatever. Recently though, I decided to ask a friend to help me out, (since I live in a condo, and working on my bike is against Strata rules) and discovered it's easier than I thought.

    Another thing, Bernie (Action mechanic?) gives courses on basic bike maintenance, and it is a great way to become more familiar with tires, brakes, carbs, chain & cable lubrication etc. I will probably do it again soon, since I could use a little refresher.

    Congrats on the bike too. I rode the same one to California and back last year, and loved it (except for that hard seat )
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    Congrats on the new ride.
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    Congrats on the new bike, and a great choice might I add <----SLight bit of BIAS there!!!

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    Congrats on your new bike!
    Ride safe and have fun!

    Don't forget the good hardcore gear!!

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