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    Unhappy popping out of gear

    just a question for the group a buddy of mine rides a 96 yzf 600 and last time out the bike keeps popping out of gear fro 2 to neutral at 5 to 6000 rpm and was getting worse and i was wondering if ya guys gals no what it is, is it like syncrose in cars any help would be great, still got a few weeks of riding left any help would be great, thanxs.

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    That bike and the later R6 both have an issue with bending the forks that are used to slide the gears into mesh. When bent the gears don't engage far enough and the lips wear from bad shifts and then they pop out like you're finding out.

    Fortunetley the fix is fairly simple but it IS a shop job or a fairly long garage job. You have to undo a side cover under the output shaft or something and then your whole gear set and shift drum comes out for your loving attention. Just think of it as doing a liver transplant to your bike.

    And yes a service manual is the first thing you buy BEFORE the case of beer for this one. You'll probably also need some measuring equipment to check the shifter forks. New forks are like $60 or some such I've heard.

    And if you don't want to see your bike's liver in your hands then take it in and bring cash....

    Oh, by the way. The forks bent from forcing bad shifts. I gather they don't do this if you time your shifting so they just snick into place without any effort. If it's old damage then fine but otherwise you may want to tell him his shifting style needs work.
    A backyard mechanic without a service manual is just like a hooker without a lamp pole.... they are both in the dark.

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