Rear Stands -- Universal Fit?
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Thread: Rear Stands -- Universal Fit?

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    Rear Stands -- Universal Fit?

    I've recently read some posts about rear stands (with spools) not fitting certain bikes. I'm confused. I thought a rear stand would fit any bike or are there specific stands for specific bikes? Or, is the issue whether or not the "craddle" on the stand will not fit the spools on the bike (because, for example, the latter are too big)?

    Any clarification those of you out in BCSBland can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not all bikes come with the provision for swingarm spools. For those with out you need a stand with L shaped pads that fit under the swing arm.

    AFAIK, any spool type stand will fit a spooled (is that a word?) bike.

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    if there are spools then the stands should work. if it doesn't match the swingarm width perfectly then use some muscle and bend it a bit wider or narrower

    my bike has no spools for some damned reason so gotta resort to getting a stand with the L pads (still don't have one )
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    some bikes have wider swingarms than others.

    most sportbikes are close to the same size, but a sv650 and a gsxr, you'll have to bend your stand for it to fit the sv.

    unless u get a swingarm stand, they are adjustable to a small extent.
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    if you want one that is adjustable, so you don't have to bend the stand i recomment pit-bull stands because their stands are good quality and are adjustable.... also they have one that fits both the spool and the regular swingarm one.... but i'm pretty sure there are other manufactures like Lockhart phillips that might have it

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    Pretty much all rear spool stands (and front fork stands for that matter) need to be aligned with a bit 'o muscle.
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    front stands can be really bad for that. rear stands often have a (in reply to amber) bit of leniency(SP) in them

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