Baseball: a "real" sport?

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Thread: Baseball: a "real" sport?

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    Baseball: a "real" sport?

    OK, the Athletics and the Red Sox are playing game 3 (?) or their division series while I type this.

    My question: do you consider baseball a "sport", in the same league as other mainstream sports eg. basketball, hockey, or soccer?

    My answer is NO. The game itself is far too dependant on the actions of the pitcher -- one of only 9 members on the field! Most of the other players are standing around, waiting for the ball to come their way. And while I don't dispute that there is significant athletic ability required to throw a 100 mph fastball, or hit that fastball, or to throw accurately, in general these are not actions which I find very impressive. And you don't get any extra points for standing in left field doing nothin'.

    So what do you guys think? Write a few words explaining your answer.

    Oops! A Boston player just hit a home run in the bottom of the 11th, so the game is over. And so is my post

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    EXACTLY!!!! The only skills are throwing the ball and hitting the ball. just goes to show you that no skills could make you a millionaire too.

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    Well it is a sport, but its not as exciting to watch as most other sports, you can wait a long time to see any action in a pro baseball game. Not like football or soccer (or hockey which I hate) where you can get some good action every couple of min's. I for one love ball and I play it alot, but watching a game and seeing one guy bat for 3 or 4 mins straight and then getting thrown out at first more times then not just doesnt do it for me. Id rather watch minor league ball, or beer league ball

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    Not a big fan of Baseball as a matter of fact I'd rather watch bowling or paint dry. Playing it however is something else. It's all about Hockey, the greatest sport on earth where players not only have to be in excellent physical shape but they have to be able to skate, get and give hits all well handling the puck.

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    I have respect for guys that can devote their lives to a something like that, but i hate watching baseball.
    "Real sport"? Yes it is.
    "Exciting sport"? Oh hell fucken NO!

    It is about as exciting as watching darts on TSN.
    If americans didn't see it as "America's Pastime", i bet it would have been scrapped long ago. Sure, it can be enjoyable to play baseball, but i find reading a good novel enjoyable too, but i would never ever pay to see someone else read a book. (unless it were a naked girl or something)

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    technically it's a real sport, but i'd rather sort through my spare bedroom full of recycling than watch baseball

    so no
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    The only sport besides bowling where it's acceptable to have a beer gut!!
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    I consider baseball a game like darts or backgammon.
    ALso about as exciting as horse jumping, actually come to think of it horse jumping's more exciting.

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    My vote is NO, although I feel it should be considered a sport.

    When there is action, there is running, throwing, and catching. Hitting the ball isn't the toughest thing, but it is tricky. Outfielders do have a tough job. If the ball is going there way, they have to sprint and toss the ball as fast as possible. However, when you look at how often they do that, it's too far and between to be any good.

    It's like golf. Sure, you walk a lot, and hit a small ball into a hole hundreds of yards away. Sure they call it sport, but where is the excess exercise?

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    It's not a sport. It's a game.
    The players spend 99% of the time standing still either on the field or the bench. They other 1% of the time they are sprinting. Of course by that standard profesional football might not be a sport.


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    i disagree, it's a sport. In fact, i almost went for a career in baseball, but anyhow, they do more than just stand out in the field waiting for a ball, they have to be thinking if such and such is here, and the ball goes here, what do i do, where do i stand to place myself if this batter is up? it's very taxing on the mind, especially at competitive levels. They gotta be ready for every pitch that is thrown, gotta be alert, it's very difficult.
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    Its a real sport!! I'm sure hitting a ball thrown at ya at over 80 to 100 mph is easy

    Now the real question is.... is it a good sport? NO! There isn't much contact between players, hence why I cant stand golf as well.
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    I consider any activity that may result in personal injury or death a sport. Otherwise, you're just lawn bowling.

    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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    its a sport,and you need to be in shape to play.been a pitcher in my younger days and a backcatcher.but everyone on the team is important. plus you learn to spit and to grab yourself.

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    I answered "no" because it's not a sport in the traditional sense of the word. Having said that, Baseball is a beautiful conglomeration of art, skill and poetry. It works like no other game to pass before the eyes with no discernable event or action, but before you know it, you're hooked on the minutiae of the game and caught up in the slowly building excitement. It's October, and there's nothing better than playoff baseball.
    What was it all about?

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